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Benefits of Membership

• Referral group
• CLE credit
• Free admission to Networking Events
• General Meetings – attendance in person or via conference call
• Updates on relevant legal  issues that affect our community


A Regular member is any person licensed to practice law in the United States of America or its possessions and territories and whose membership is in good standing.  


A Lifetime member is any member of the Association who has met specific requirements as set forth by the Board of Directors for Lifetime Members.  Lifetime Members enjoy any rights, privileges and/or benefits granted to them by the Board.

Board of Trustees

Any member of HLA who pays an annual fee of $500 in exchange for certain rights, privileges and/or benefits granted to them by the Board of Directors.


An Honorary Member is any person chosen by the Board for outstanding service to the Association. They pay no dues, do not hold office and have no vote in the affairs of the Association. Only non-lawyers are eligible for Honorary Membership.


 An Associate member is any person who is currently enrolled in an U.S. law school or who has graduated from an ABA accredited law school. An individual licensed to practice law in the Republic of Haiti is also be eligible for Associate Membership. Associate members are not entitled to hold office or participate in the election of officers of the Association. In addition, non-attorney individuals are eligible for associate membership. 

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Phone: 1-866-964-5052 

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